The support of some incredible companies allows me to continue pushing my limits and pursuing my passions in ultrarunning and triathlon (and data science). These aren’t just companies that give me a discount or some free gear; these are companies that I’ve come to count on for their high quality products and outstanding service. Honestly, none of them compensate me enough to use something that I don’t think is the best option for me.

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I’m still not sure how EMJ makes such effective, sustainable products at the prices they do. Use discount code JKELLY17 to get those prices another 25% lower, and also check out their women’s line, Own.

I hear that QxBranch has a pretty good Director of Analytics, with an awesome team that can solve all of your data science or quantum computing problems.


Endurance sports fueling is a very individual thing, but I’ve found that Hammer products consistently work best for me, giving me the energy I need and letting me focus on the race instead of my stomach. They also have an excellent knowledge base. Use referral code 256192 to save 15% on your first order.

With all my running and biking to work, I can’t bring healthy lunches with me. Having Chopt nearby has been critical to maintaining proper nutrition. I love their meals, and wasn’t even a salad person before.


I’ve relied on Ultimate Direction packs for 3 straight Barkleys. They’re lightweight and comfortable, even for 60 hours of running, and have convenient, easily accessible storage for food, hydration, and anything else I need. And after taking the beating of 9 Barkley loops, my original pack is still going strong.

 After having other shoes literally fall apart on me at Barkley, I decided to give La Sportiva a try. They’re now all I use for any off-road running. The durability, grip, and comfort are incredible, and they were the one big gear change I had between my early Barkley failures and my finish.


Terrel Hale is a nationally recognized massage therapist and personal trainer and certified in Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) and Active Release Techniques (ART) – a patented, state of the art soft tissue system/movement based massage technique that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves. His custom services target athletes’ unique training demands, performance needs, and physiological differences.


The Bicycle Place in Silver Spring, MD has the equipment and services needed for any type of rider, delivered with honesty and kindness. This is the most down to earth shop I’ve come across, with experienced staff that know what you need and won’t try to sell you what you don’t.
Felt offers a full range of bikes and I currently ride an IA FRD build. It provides world-class performance and quality that I rely on to ensure the only area for improvement on my bike split is my own capability.

Over 112 miles, comfort is important. My Cobb Gen 2 saddle provides that without sacrificing performance.

I became familiar with Louis Garneau due to their outstanding bike gear, but have found they also have a great line of winter gear.


It’s no secret that I don’t enjoy swimming, which is why I love that my Roka Maverick wetsuit helps me get out of the water as quickly as possible.


Anything you need for your head BOCO Gear has, and they’ll make it custom. With hats, visors, toboggans, and headbands I end up with their gear up top in almost all conditions.
If you live in the Raleigh, NC area, you’re missing out if you haven’t visited Apex Outfitter and Board Co. The owners will personally set you up with the quality gear you need for your outdoor activities.
I’ve honestly gone sockless during most of my triathlons, but Sock Guy socks could change that. High quality, comfortable, and customizable.
My Garmin fenix watch is basically a part of my body at this point. It has the versatility to do everything I need: ultras, biking, swimming, hiking, and even business meetings.