2020 Podcasts and Interviews

I did a lot of podcasts in 2020. I guess without many races there weren’t as many people to talk to or things to talk about. In the future, I won’t be doing as many. I enjoyed these, and greatly appreciate the opportunity to do them and the time the hosts put into them, but too much time doing podcasts = not enough time to properly prepare for doing the things the podcasts are about. My main 2021 goal is to cut back a bit to focus on the priorities and have time to enjoy life’s day to day moments.

Non-event specific podcasts

British Ultra Running Podcast

A preview of The Hartley Slam

Decoding Superhuman

Grand Round podcasts

Talk Ultra

Trail Runner Nation

Marathon Talk

Wild Ginger Running

Everything Endurance

Fastest Known Podcast

Peak Endurance

Running with Jake the PLODcast

Eat Your Greens Podcast

NomadWolf Podcast

Grand Round article interviews

Trail Runner Magazine

Fiona Outdoors

The Pennine Way

Trail Runner Nation

Bad Boy Running


Fastest Known Podcast

Everything Endurance

If My Feet Could Talk

Wiggle Lunchtime Live

Spine Video Podcasts

Ginger Runner Live

Film My Run

Wild Ginger Running

Spine Audio Podcasts

Talk Ultra

Everything Endurance

Further Faster Podcast

The Inspirational Runner

At the Checkpoint

The Curiosity Complex

Spine article interviews


Runner’s World

Trail Runner Magazine


SportsShoes #NoFunStandingStill AT HOME

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